Why Natchitoches

Erica James, NJH

"This is my first year teaching in Natchitoches Parish and it has been nothing but amazing! The friendships I have made with my co-teachers I would not trade it for the world. Being able to teach in the same parish that helped me excel in my education is an honor."

- Erica James, Natchitoches Junior High

Kati Dowden FAE

"If you are called to teach, there is no better place to work than Natchitoches Parish. It truly is a blessing to work in a district so focused on growth of the whole child. Not just a test score, but growth through all aspects of a student’s life!"

- Kati Dowden, Fairview Alpha

Annabel Jones, NSUM Lab

"Natchitoches Parish is a prospering city with a "small town" feel and our schools reflect that sense of community. If you are looking for somewhere to grow into your full potential as a teacher, you've found it!"

- Annabel Jones, NSUM

Patricia Kostantaras, NCHS

"Teaching is a career to be proud of, and teaching at NCHS is a gift. Teachers love and care about each other. We are a family! I could not work at a school where there was not this amazing sense of community that we have here."

- Patricia Kostantaras, NCHS

Michelle Hall

"I love teaching in Natchitoches Parish because it provides foundations that encourage best practices in the classroom which helps me guide my students to success. This is an excellent school district that is dedicated to encouraging a culture of collaboration and support."

- Michelle Hall, L.P. Vaughn

Kyla Lewis, Magnet

"I love working in Natchitoches Parish schools because of the support received from administration and at the district level. There are opportunities to lead or advance beyond the classroom. We have a culture of working together as a team."

- Kyla Lewis, Natchitoches Magnet

Melissa Manasco, Marthaville

"I enjoy teaching Pre-K at Marthaville Elementary, because of the special bond that I build, not only with my students, but their families as well. I love seeing my students grow and develop into confident young individuals."

- Melissa Manasco, Marthaville