Why Natchitoches

Kati Dowden FAE

Teaching is a calling. And if you are called to teach, there is no better place to work than Natchitoches Parish. It truly is a blessing to work in a district so focused on growth of the whole child. Not just a test score, but growth through all aspects of a student’s life!

- Kati Dowden, Fairview Alpha

Rebecca Theriot

I love teaching in Natchitoches parish because the district provides you with growth opportunities to help prepare our students for the future!

- Addoree Stuckey, NJH

Zenda Owens

I love teaching in Natchitoches Parish because the community stands behind its teachers, making it feel like a great big family where everyone is united.

- Zenda Owens, Natchitoches Magnet

Carletta Jones, Natchitoches Magnet

I love teaching in Natchitoches Parish because we are constantly looking for ways to help our students be successful in academics and in life, and we are progressive in technology.

- Carletta Jones, Natchitoches Magnet

Paula Callendar

I love teaching in Natchitoches Parish because I feel the expectation to create relationships with students, parents, community, and colleagues is always at the forefront of what we are pursuing as a district. Relationships are the foundation of excellence!

- Paula Shuford-Callender, NCHS

Samuel Wright, Fairview Alpha

The Natchitoches Parish School Board establishes such a supportive, consistent, and professional environment for its teachers during such uncertain times that I would not think of teaching anywhere else!

- Sam Wright, Fairview Alpha