Message from the Principal

William Hymes

The school year is an amazing year for us at Lakeview Junior Senior High School. It is my honor and pleasure to serve as Principal at a school that we all love so much. This year we have enjoyed the recognition that comes with earning the status of raising our letter grade to B. We are very proud to be a school where each student can create a personal path of academic achievement. We are a school where each student can feel comfortable to show forth the best of themselves. It's an amazing feeling to look forward to come to a place each morning where I know that students are treated fairly and teachers have the student's best interest in mind.

We strongly depend on families and our community to continue to strengthen our school. The relationship we have with our community makes a great foundation for our students to enter the world after high school. I am truly thankful for the incredible connection between our school and community.

The faculty and staff of Lakeview Junior Senior High School works very hard to build an environment which is conducive for learning for the students on our campus. Our faculty and staff truly believe that our students can succeed. Our academic philosophy is embedded in high expectations for all students. We believe that each student has the ability to graduate from high school with a diploma and certifications. Our teachers faculty and staff work tirelessly to bring this vision to pass. We have faith that every student can graduate prepared for college and or career. Lakeview Junior Senior High School has truly remarkable students who can do anything in life they choose to do.

We are delighted about the educational opportunities that we offer our students. At Lakeview Junior Senior High School our students embrace these opportunities. They leave our school truly prepared for success in life. I am proud of the culture of learning and high expectations for students that we have created here at Lakeview Junior Senior High School. I am also proud to be Principal here in the company of such wonderful students and teachers. I am humbled and grateful to have this opportunity to serve as Principal of Lakeview Junior Senior High School.

William Hymes
Lakeview Junior Senior High School