Offering Online Education Using a Blended Learning Approach


About NVA

The Natchitoches Virtual Academy (NVA) is an educational program that is offered through the Natchitoches Parish Public School System and is an extension of the regular school setting. NVA offers students an opportunity to complete academic requirements through two personalized programs including a fully online curriculum as well as an accelerated option for self-motivated independent learners.

The Virtual Academy will offer similar academic rigor to that of traditional face-to-face instruction. While students receive instruction and complete coursework online, an NVA Teacher will be available to offer additional guidance on difficult to understand topics. Each NVA student is expected to meet weekly with his/her NVA Teacher.

Online learning offers flexibility and personalization that is not always available in the traditional classroom setting. NVA will allow each student to work individually toward their unique academic and life goals while maintaining close contact with local faculty.  

Our Administration

Kristie Irchirl

Sandra Calhoun