The Natchitoches Parish Technical and Career Center is the alternative educational facility for the Natchitoches Parish School District. The Natchitoches Parish Technical and Career Center is an educational institution that contains four distinct groups for the school system.

Connections Academy

The first group are a part of the Connections Academy. Students of the Connections Academy are involved in a one-year process focused on targeted instruction and accelerated remediation aimed at helping them attain a high school diploma.

Accelerated Student Academic Pathway

The second group is the Accelerated Student Academic Pathway (ASAP) students. Every effort is made to prepare each student to achieve academic success and receive their diplomas in an accelerated time. Hard work and dedication is necessary in order for students to obtain their goal or goals successfully.

Interim Alternative Education Setting

NPTCC is proud to also be a designated Interim Alternative Education Setting (IAES) for students with special needs and disabilities. Most of the students in this group are here for Interventions for student behavior that may range up to 45 days.


"Redirection" is the group that houses the students that may have been expelled from the general school setting due to weapons possession, drugs, or excessive fights. The Parish set this program so that students have an opportunity to attain Carnegie units and continue their regular attendance records after placement has been determined due to an expulsion hearing.

Courses Offered


Computer Graphic

English/Language Arts


Reading 180

Industrial Arts (Woodworking)

Business Classes

Industrial Science (Janitorial)

Physical Education

Journey to Careers


ASAP Classes


Students at NPTCC also have an opportunity to participate in classes at CLTCC Central Louisiana Campus for dual enrollment classes, such as manufacturing and welding.