Message from the Principal

Bobby Benjamin, Jr.

Welcome to the Natchitoches Parish Technical and Career Center, home of the Warhawks and the center of a revolution. We are the agents of change- change in our students, our community, and our world! We are in our third year of renovating our school to reflect our mission and our vision. Through the dedication and diligence of our faculty and staff, we have grown our ASAP program 150 high school students, with a waiting list of more students interested in our program. We graduating students, developed a sports program and co-curricular clubs for Connections and ASAP, and molded our PBIS system to fit our unique programs and provide group accountability to inspire positive peer pressure.

This year, as we continue to focus on graduating ASAP students, we are also building a "School to Work" program to facilitate our students’ growth into productive members of society by equipping them with the skills necessary to gain employment. JAG, business courses, and career counseling are some of the tools we are using.

Additionally, we offer three pathways for our students: Public Service, Microenterprise, and Business Management.

Our Connections students are benefitting from intensive instruction in both the 8th grade curriculum and high school subjects in order to give them the opportunity to graduate with their cohort. Additionally, they now have several clubs to become involved with such as basketball, baseball, and track.

The central theme through ASAP, Connections, and redirection is education. We understand and foster the knowledge in the students that state testing, rigor in the classroom, and self-discipline are necessary for their lifelong success as citizens, not just students.

Welcome to NPTCC - Home of the Education Revolution! Any Student, Any Time, Whatever It Takes!

Bobby Benjamin, Jr.