Our School

M.R. Weaver Outside of Building


At M. R. Weaver Elementary School, we are working together to develop tomorrow's leaders.


M.R. Weaver Elementary School will provide effective and rigorous instruction in a safe and supportive environment to develop students who think critically, communicate effectively, respect others, believe in themselves, are resilient, and able to meet any task with confidence.


Weaver Flyers S.O.A.R (Safe, Organized, Attentive, Respectful).

Belief Statements

  • Every child has an equal right to educational opportunities which accommodate their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual interests

  • Students and staff have a right to a safe and orderly school environment

  • Students have a right to receive instruction from highly qualified, effective teachers

  • Every student has the potential to learn, but may do so at different rates and in different ways

  • Each person has intrinsic worth, and therefore should be treated with respect and dignity

  • Public education is an active partnership among the school, the student, the home, and the community